Welcome to the Elsir Vale.

For centuries, it was the seat of the Rhestian Empire, but the Pax Rhestilanum shattered when the capitol city fell to a horde of goblinoids.

A century later, only a few settlements of any size remain: Brindol, the rustic central town famous for repelling a goblin horde a few decades ago; Overlook, the sprawling Dwarven metropolis in the mountains on the western edge; and Dennovar, on Lake Ern at the Vale’s eastern border, a merchant-ruled city known as the home of Elsir Consortium.

Nestled between mountain ranges, the Vale represents a small oasis of civilization on the otherwise untamed trade route from kingdom of Bael Theraia to the city-states of the Arjhanian Peninsula.

Life in the Vale is generally peaceful, the only exceptions are goblinoid bandits that target the caravans passing through for better markets. Due to these attacks, the Consortium’s mercenary guards have been a familiar, if not always welcome, presence for decades.

However, one of the last generation’s champions (one of six that turned the tide at the Battle of Brindol) has formed some of these mercenaries into a new organization. This Guild seeks to transmute mercenaries into adventurers and to forge adventurers into heroes.

Aparaloka: Scales of War