Aparaloka: Scales of War

Rescue at Rivenroar

The Wayfinders continued their repulsion of the goblinoid assault.

a Large Ogre was tossing incendiary barrels haphazardly at buildings until he noticed the adventurers. Ilikan used the rear exit of the tavern to close position on the rear of the wagon. The wagon carried two archers and barrel after barrel of flammable tar. The ogre was harried by their ranged attackers, but as soon as Krzk closed to melee, the Ogre downed him with one solid hit of his greatclub. Enraged, Ilikan jumped onto the wagon, assaulting the flammable barrels and immolating both himself and the attackers. As they routed, Ilikan dashed to cut off the ogre, knocking him back into a patch of fire and upturning the cart, knocking the archers prone. They scurried to retreat but were cut down.

The next day, after the damage and casualties were determined, Councilman Eofram Dwarffriend summoned them to his office. He tasked them with tracking the goblins and rescuing seven citizens presumed captured and retrieving the lost treasures from the Battle of Brindol.

Directed to the lone surviving hobgoblin attacker, they interrogated him for the whereabouts of their base camp. His will broken, he sketched a map leading to the ruins of Manor Rivenroar and told them in was the headquarters of Sinruth and the Red Hand.

After arriving, they descended into the catacombs and found goblinoid attackers triggering an odd trap in the foyer by openning a set of doors. They avoided the trap and defeated the goblinoids, a few of which ran through the open door down stairs to a second room.

The second room was filled with odd mushrooms. Lukan fired arrows at one, triggering a loud shriek. Before long, two hulking rage drakes charged the adventurers. Vonne’s deft battlefield control skills let them fight the drakes one at a time, defeating them.

Down a short hall, the Wayfinders careful crept toward a crone surrounded by a magic field. Surprising her, she crankily thanked them. Assuming she was no threat, they freed her.

Lukan initially suggested they escort her to the catacombs entrance then let her be on her way, but the lady would have none of it. They pondered their next moves as they settled in to rest.



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