Aparaloka: Scales of War

Rescue at Rivenroar

The Wayfinders continued their repulsion of the goblinoid assault.

a Large Ogre was tossing incendiary barrels haphazardly at buildings until he noticed the adventurers. Ilikan used the rear exit of the tavern to close position on the rear of the wagon. The wagon carried two archers and barrel after barrel of flammable tar. The ogre was harried by their ranged attackers, but as soon as Krzk closed to melee, the Ogre downed him with one solid hit of his greatclub. Enraged, Ilikan jumped onto the wagon, assaulting the flammable barrels and immolating both himself and the attackers. As they routed, Ilikan dashed to cut off the ogre, knocking him back into a patch of fire and upturning the cart, knocking the archers prone. They scurried to retreat but were cut down.

The next day, after the damage and casualties were determined, Councilman Eofram Dwarffriend summoned them to his office. He tasked them with tracking the goblins and rescuing seven citizens presumed captured and retrieving the lost treasures from the Battle of Brindol.

Directed to the lone surviving hobgoblin attacker, they interrogated him for the whereabouts of their base camp. His will broken, he sketched a map leading to the ruins of Manor Rivenroar and told them in was the headquarters of Sinruth and the Red Hand.

After arriving, they descended into the catacombs and found goblinoid attackers triggering an odd trap in the foyer by openning a set of doors. They avoided the trap and defeated the goblinoids, a few of which ran through the open door down stairs to a second room.

The second room was filled with odd mushrooms. Lukan fired arrows at one, triggering a loud shriek. Before long, two hulking rage drakes charged the adventurers. Vonne’s deft battlefield control skills let them fight the drakes one at a time, defeating them.

Down a short hall, the Wayfinders careful crept toward a crone surrounded by a magic field. Surprising her, she crankily thanked them. Assuming she was no threat, they freed her.

Lukan initially suggested they escort her to the catacombs entrance then let her be on her way, but the lady would have none of it. They pondered their next moves as they settled in to rest.

Ruins and Wyrmlings pt2

Mari and Kzrk managed to drag back the dragon corpse to the cave, but unfortunately Mari suffered a minor back injury from the exertion. She guarded the site while the others returned to the tomb only to find an elven ranger amid combat with reanimated dead. After assisting him, Lukan agreed to assist their endeavor. The next chamber held countless bodies, including one revived by a fierce goblin worshipper of Maglubiyet. They found a half-written letter on him mentioning a Red Hand. Beyond, they finally found Rhys Ironfell’s final resting place. Unfortunately, he and ten of his attendants were not resting peacefully. The reanimated dwarves all attacked the group on sight. After their defeat, the purified spirit of Thane Ironfell thanked them as Tethrin sang a prepared song that constituted a ritual to seal Dwarven tombs that had developed rifts to the Shadowfell.

Successful and with new comrades, the group returned to Red Rock to speak with Darrien, the Wayfinders’ Guild representative.

Darrien disbursed their reward, paid membership fees as an actual adventuring group. (A 500gp VALUE!) Tethrin managed to return enough of her original partner Doublecross that Darrien could return him to life, but with significant Guild debt to repay.

Mari found a lucrative job guarding a caravan bound for Dennovar on the bulletin board of the Guild Outpost and curtly left the group.

The others were tasked by Darrien to deliver the Ironfell Family Records to Bram Ironfell the prior task’s sponsor.

After a surprisingly uneventful trip to Brindol, they met with Ironfell, a member of the Elsir Consortium employed to oversee the construction and setting up of a new local Guild Outpost. He, like many in the town, seemed ambivalent and somewhat intolerant of adventurers in general. After a minimum of social niceties at the Drunken Zombie tavern, he took possession of his book and bid the Wayfinders farewell.

As they settled into the tavern, they noticed members of the Dragonflies gambling near the rear exit. Vonne explained that they were known as the “Locusts” because they took anything of any minimal value on their jobs. They had a reputation as being the least reputable of any groups in the Guild.

Before they could even complete their order to the waitress, hobgoblins burst through the door, menacing the waitress and a pair of local farmers. The Dragonflies left immediately. As more poured through the door, goblins snuck in, lobbing firebombs into the tavern. The Wayfinders dispatched them, and earned the gratitude of Tagrid Ubada, the Drunken Zombie’s proprietor. This gratitude was shown through an agreement for free drinks whenever the Wayfinders visited.

Suddenly a wounded town guard stumbled into the tavern, telling them that an Ogre was coming down the street toward them.

Ruins and Wyrmlings

Ilikan the goliath barbarian was captured in a pit trap. Rescued by Tethrin, an eladrin bard, they made short work of two kobold bands in the upper portion of the Ironfell Burial Chamber. Meeting up with Vonne, a deva invoker; and Mari, a human mercenary] fighter the four pressed onward on the Wayfinders quest to retrieve Ironfell Family Records.

As they finished off one set of kobolds, Ilikan decided to scare the last kobold standing in an effort to learn some information about the group. Unfortunately, the kobold, a fighter named Krzk took the group’s pause for a divine epiphany and bonded to Vonne calling her his “New Queen.” They reluctantly agreed to allow him to fight alongside them.

Showing them a secluded cave he found on patrol, they rested and he told them of the White Queen a barely-hatched white wyrmling that bullied the kobolds (not that they minded) into holing up in the Dwarven tomb and allying with a local Goblin tribe.

They returned, renewed and deposed the White Queen, with Krzk himself landing the blow that felled the wyrmling. Vonne discovered an ornate gameboard and an associated spectral gamemaster that indicated that the artifact was hers.


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