Aparaloka: Scales of War

Ruins and Wyrmlings

Ilikan the goliath barbarian was captured in a pit trap. Rescued by Tethrin, an eladrin bard, they made short work of two kobold bands in the upper portion of the Ironfell Burial Chamber. Meeting up with Vonne, a deva invoker; and Mari, a human mercenary] fighter the four pressed onward on the Wayfinders quest to retrieve Ironfell Family Records.

As they finished off one set of kobolds, Ilikan decided to scare the last kobold standing in an effort to learn some information about the group. Unfortunately, the kobold, a fighter named Krzk took the group’s pause for a divine epiphany and bonded to Vonne calling her his “New Queen.” They reluctantly agreed to allow him to fight alongside them.

Showing them a secluded cave he found on patrol, they rested and he told them of the White Queen a barely-hatched white wyrmling that bullied the kobolds (not that they minded) into holing up in the Dwarven tomb and allying with a local Goblin tribe.

They returned, renewed and deposed the White Queen, with Krzk himself landing the blow that felled the wyrmling. Vonne discovered an ornate gameboard and an associated spectral gamemaster that indicated that the artifact was hers.


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