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  • goblinoids

    Hobgoblins, Goblins, and Bubears are all considered goblinoids. Hobgoblins usually manage and organize the goblin masses while the bugbears provide brute strength.

  • Dwarf

    [[Age of Chains]] [[Overlook]] [[Hammerfist Holds]]

  • common races

    The common races represent the major races that constituted the [[Rhestian Empire]]. That legacy of cooperation remains to the present day and mainstream societies of the Vale accept all of the Common Races as fellow people. Compare to [[Monster Races …

  • Rare Races

    The Rare Races were not well-integrated into the [[Rhestian Empire]] for a variety of reasons. Most of these are simply not very common and so folk may have only heard of them in folk legends and superstitions (e.g [[Duergar]], [[Doppelganger | …

  • Monster Races

    The races of intelligent beings that battled [[Rhestian Empire| Rhestian]] forces of civilization are collectively known as the Monster Races. Members of these races are generally considered avowed enemies of civilization. Most communities will kill …