Guild of Adventurous Intent

Newly-founded organization based in Overlook and led by Galen Maros.

Seeks to train former mercenaries, gladiators, and other irregular combatants into heroes in anticipation of a coming danger.

Primarily serves as a clearinghouse for tasks to ensure skilled combatants are put to productive use instead of causing unrest. A related goal is the promotion of the concept of “adventurer” as a principled alternative to the “untrustworthy sellsword” connotations of “mercenary.”

Member Requirements and Benefits


  • Initial Fee: 500gp
  • Monthly Dues: 10gp
  • Must file reports on all adventuring activities

Guild Benefits

  • Guild-subsidized inns throughout the Vale
  • Guildhouse in Dennovar Guild HQ in Overlook.
  • 30% resale on all items.
  • Access to more manpower.
  • Banking services in Brindol and Overlook.
  • Communication Badges.
  • Fee-based Rescue, Retrieval, and Revival services.

Guild of Adventurous Intent

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